White Label Seo Services

Article provided by: iAdroit, A division of Bantech Solutions

White Label Seo Services

Take advantage of iAdroits non-branded reporting and licensed technology. iAdroit provides white label SEO services for other SEOs and digital marketers. iAdroit provides the perfect solution to agencies that are looking to outsource their SEO workloads. When you hire iAdroit, we do all of the work, but all your clients see is your name and your branding. Because iAdroit is an Indian company, we are able to charge significantly less for the services we provide, which means you get to keep more money in your pocket.

A lot of SEOs are apprehensive about outsourcing to white label SEO companies, and understandably so! There appear to be two main concerns that prevent other marketers from outsourcing:

#1: They don’t want to lose money

For SEOs and digital marketers who think this way, a simple perception realignment might be all that is needed to see the bigger picture. Rather than looking at outsourcing SEO as an expense, try to view it as an investment. Let’s say you have an SEO client whom you are billing $600/month for SEO services. You could outsource those tasks to iAdroit for, let’s say, $400/month, and you keep the rest. This means that you will be making $200/month virtually for nothing. All you had to do was find the client and send the work to us.

Now, you can spend less of your time doing tedious work and more of your time finding new clients. After you get 6 to 8 clients like this, all of a sudden, you will have a very nice stream of passive income each month, and you can just keep finding new clients while we do all of the work for you.

#2: They’re afraid they won’t get the results their clients expect

This fear is completely understandable. Honestly, you need to be very careful about which white label SEO services you employ! With iAdroit, you are always in good hands. We guarantee our results, so there is no question about what to expect from us. You will be able to watch your clients’ SEO pages climb in the SERPs in real-time, as will your clients themselves via our SEO plugin.

People who have this problem are usually perfectionists. And while it is commendable that you expect nothing but the best at all times, and you probably feel that things will only get done the right way if you do them yourself, the reality is that no business can function on its own. You need help! You need to outsource the tasks that are not directly at the core of your business objectives.

Outsource to iAdroit

Having the ability to utilize our technology and market our platform as your own is a huge advantage to your agency. Rather than developing your own apps, you can use our proprietary software to automate and streamline your SEO. In a partnership, we can both make money and help each other immensely. Contact iAdroit to outsource white label SEO today.