Macro Fundamentals and Central Banks

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Ticker Trackers “Macro Fundamentals and Central Banks” video gives a detailed look at the federal reserves and how central banks operate around the world. This knowledge is fundamental in relation to expectation theory, how to “trade the news” effectively, and highlighting the importance of economic data and its effect on the markets.

Lesson 1: News, Headlines, Economic Calendar and Data
Topics Include: News and Headline Trading, Macro Fundamental Data, Quality of Data, Release of Economic Data, Timing and Volatility

Lesson 2: Market Participants and Economic Calendar (Continued)
Topics Include: Consensus Survey, Expectation Theory

Lesson 3: Data, Reports and Market Impacts
Topics Include: Macro Fundamental Data, ADP Report, ADP Report Market Impact, Non-Farm Payrolls Report, Subcomponents within NFP Report, NFP Report Market Impact

Lesson 4: GDP Report and Market Impacts
Topics Include: GDP Report, Retail Sales Report, Subcomponents within the Retail Sales Report, Retail Sale Report’s Market Impact

Lesson 5: Consumer and Producer Price Index
Topics Include: Subcomponents with the CPI Report, CPI Report’s Market Impact, Subcomponent within the PPI Report, PPI Report’s Market Impact, ISM Manufacturing Report, Subcomponents within the ISM Report, ISM Manufacturing Report’s Market Impact, ISM is a Leading Indicator

Lesson 6: Various Reports and Central Banks
Topics Include: ISM Non-Manufacturing Report, Subcomponents within the ISM Non-Manufacturing Report, ISM Non-Manufacturing Report’s Market Impact, Sentiment Reports, Fundamental Impacts, Monetary vs. Fiscal Policies, Role of Centrals Bank Around the World, Easing Policies, Tightening Policies, Hawks vs. Doves, Central Bank Speaks

Lesson 7: Federal Reserve and Open Markets
Topics Include: What is the Federal Reserve, Goals and Responsibilities, Organizational Structure, Federal Open Market Committee, FOMC Mandate, Monetary Policy Tools, FED Funds Rate, Open Market Operations, Discount Rate

Lesson 8: Reserves and Various Central Banks, Module 4 Conclusion
Topics Include: Reserve Requirements, Interest on Excess Reserves, Communication Policies, FOMC Statement, Economic Projections, Other Forms of Communication, Central Banks Around the World, Summary

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