Macro and Micro Fundamentals

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Ticker Trackers “Macro and Micro Fundamentals” video takes an in-depth analysis of both micro and macro economics and how they work. Fiscal and monetary policies that effect macroeconomics are reviewed, while the more detailed financial statements are highlighted in the microeconomics section. Understanding these major economic events is important because it can give traders and investors valuable insight into when markets are bullish or bearish. This advanced module gives traders a great overview of how plays a major role in the markets, regardless of your level of understanding in economics.

Lesson 1: News Driven Events and Headlines

Lesson 2: Expectation Theory

Lesson 3: Expectation Theory (Continued) and Stages of a Business Cycle

Lesson 4: Macro Fundamental Data and Qualities of Data

Lesson 5: Economic Calendar and Releases

Lesson 6: Growth and Inflation Indicators

Lesson 7: Employment and Production/Service Indicators

Lesson 8: Housing Indicators, Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Lesson 9: Micro Fundamentals and Module 3 Conclusion

Topics Include: Corporate Earnings, Financial Statements, Corporate Management and Board of Directors, Industry and Competition, Summary