Introduction to the Forex Market

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Ticker Trackers “Introduction to the Forex Market” video gives participants a great overview of what the forex (or foreign exchange) market is and how it operates. It goes through various brokers, platforms and exchanges that are strictly dedicated to the forex markets. This introduction is a great foundation for anyone who is looking to get their feet wet in this trading or investing in this type of asset.

Lesson 1: What is the Forex Market?
Topics Include: Forex History, Types of Currencies

Lesson 2: Currency Market and Participants
Topics Include: What Moves the Currency Market, Interbank

Lesson 3: 24 Hour and Tradable Forex Market

Lesson 4: Spot Market vs. Futures Market
Topics Include: Various Spot and Futures Charts

Lesson 5: How to Quote Currencies and Module 1 Conclusion
Topics Include: Spreads, Margin, Platforms, Summary