Introduction To Stock Markets

Ticker Trackers “Introduction to the Stock Market” video highlights various topics including the difference between trading and investing, stocks and equities, and even margin and leverage. Brokers, platforms, exchanges and stock market regulators are also reviewed, providing a great foundation for anyone who is looking to get started at trading or investing.

Lesson 1: Investing and Trading in Stocks
Topics Include: Invest in Stocks, Why Trade Stocks, Short Selling, Investing vs. Trading Stocks, What is a(n) Stock/ETF

Lesson 2: Stock Classification, Indexes and Market Sectors
Topics Include: Stock Classification, What is an Index, Equity Indexes, How are Indexes Created, Equity Market Sectors, S&P 500 Sector Weightings, Criteria for a Tradable Stock

Lesson 3: Markets and Exchanges
Topics Include: What is a Market and an Exchange, Primary Markets, Secondary Markets, Exchanges, Brokers, Margin and Leverage, Trading Platform

Lesson 4: Order Types, Regulation and Module 1 Conclusion
Topics Include: Market Order, Slippage, Limit Order, Stop Order, Stop Limit Order, Order Cancels Order, Summary