Advance Currency Market

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Ticker Trackers “Advance Currency Market” video dives into the various major and minor currency pairings that make up the forex markets. Correlations between various commodities, indexes and assets are shown to give traders and investors a strong understanding of how the markets affect one another in relation to foreign currencies.

Lesson 1: Major Currency Pairings

Lesson 2: Major Currency Pairings (Continued)

Lesson 3: Major Currency Pairings (Continued) and Cross Currency Pairings
Topics Include: Pairing Tips

Lesson 4: Minor Currency Pairings
Topics Include: Pairing Tips, Forex Market Correlations, Intermarket Correlation

Lesson 5: Characteristics of the US Dollar and Dollar Indices vs. Commodities
Topics Include: Dollar Index and Gold, Dollar Index and Crude Oil, Dollar Index

Lesson 6: Commodity and Safe Haven Currencies
Topics Include: USD/CAD and Crude Oil Examples, USD/JPY and 10 Year T-Note

Lesson 7: General Market Correlations and Module 2 Conclusion
Topics Include: When Correlations Break Down, Correlations and Time Frame, Summary